The Artist: Robert Bernstein
Robert Bernstein, a kabbalist and an artist, has been practicing the kabbalah for more than 25 years.
His jewels include spiritual symbols, holy scripts and
palms composed by King David and King Solomon.

Evil Eye Protection

The effects of the evil eye may be cured by performing rituals and reciting spells. However, there are evil eye protection methods that will repel evil forces even before they may cast their ill effects. Among these are evil eye amulets. In Mexico, for instance, amulet bracelets decorated with eye spots are worn by children to defend against curses. In Italy the corno, a horn-shaped amulet, is among the popular evil forces antidotes.

The corno is typically made of silver, gold, or other gems and is usually worn by men to prevent impotence. In Greece the most popular protection amulet is the eyes-all-over, which is made up of blue-and-white glass eyes that is worn as a pendant or earring.

The nazar boncuk glass bead is also a popular evil eye protection, particularly in Mediterranean countries. It is made of a teardrop-shaped eye that is set in a blue background that represents water and life in general. There is also the Hamsa hand which is one of the most ancient amulets intended to ward off the evil eye.

The Hamsa (also called the “Hand of Miriam” or the “Hand of Fatima”)is a hand-shape amulet that has five fingers and contains an image of an eye located at its central portion. It comes in various forms of jewelry and is very popular in the Middle East.

Amulets with the evil eye design at the center are still the most common evil eye protection jewelry today. The eye in the amulet’s center is not just there for design—it is a reminder that the untiring eye of God is watching over you. These amulets also contain inscriptions that are designed to ward off evil forces. The evil eye protection amulet, therefore, will keep its wearer safe and bring to him good luck and happiness. However, that is not the only advantage that it will bring.

There is also the added benefit of being fashionable with an evil eye amulet on your body. Evil eye protection amulets come in unique designs that are not seen in other contemporary jewelry. The amulets also come in different makes, such as, silver or gold pendant amulets or necklaces, which will suit the varied fashion tastes of modern men and women. For humble individuals, there are also amulets that have simple yet effective designs. These amulets are full of beneficial effects.

Other Ways to Achieve Evil Eye Protection

Jewelries help in warding off the evil eye, but to those who do not have evil eye amulets the remedies available come in ritual forms. In Mexico, for instance, a curative ceremony involves rolling raw egg over the body of the afflicted individual. The egg will absorb the evil force and the victim will be freed from his affliction.

Another example of a curative evil eye ritual is that observed in the Ukraine. The ceremony involves dripping melted wax into a pan containing holy water. Mysterious incantations and prayers are then uttered before bathing the victim with the holy water.

Then the wax is reheated and dripped again into the water; the victim is said to be cured if the wax forms into a solid piece and sinks to the bottom of the pan.  There are also various protective measures against the evil eye. In some countries like the Philippines and Mexico it is believed that whenever a visitor or stranger praises a child, possible effects of the evil eye can be prevented if a relative immediately touches the child with a protective evil eye pendant. Uttering particular phrases and prayers can also fight off the evil eye.